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Below are some of the important questions that consumers usually ask about Arnergy Solar systems, as well as very short and direct answers to each of them.

SolarNG offers complete Solar Systems that deliver reliable and clean 24/7 power supply suitable for electrical devices and power equipment in homes and offices.

Yes. solar systems need little sunlight to charge due to the type of PV (Monocrystalline Solar Panels). Hence, the system will work in as much as there is sunlight.

Yes. Depending on your system capacity, Solar Ng systems can power varying loads of ACs, freezers, washing machines, microwave, and more.

  • We offer twelve (12) months of free maintenance for Solar Systems acquired with the Outright Purchase (OS) option.


  • Also, we offer free maintenance throughout the agreed repayment duration for Solar Systems acquired through the lease-to-own model.

Solar ng Systems can utilize lithium-ion batteries, which have a system lifespan of 10 years 

  • Reliable 24/7 electricity
  • Zero cost on fueling and repairs
  • Five (5) years warranty
  • Free 12 months of maintenance
  • Flexible payment option
  • Zero noise and air pollution
  • Over 10 years of operational life
  • Clean and sustainable power
  • Healthy living environment
  • Real-time energy consumption monitoring
  • Make the necessary consultation with our energy experts
  • Request a quote for your preferred Arnergy Solar system
  • Complete the payment processes and documentation with us
  • Our team will build and customize your Solar system to fit your needs.
  • We provide ongoing after-sales support and monitoring

Solar energy is one of the renewable energy sources that contribute to the reduction in greenhouse gases responsible for climate change. The adoption of solar energy systems enables the elimination of noise and environmental pollution that plague our communities.