1. General provisions

1.1. This Privacy Policy specifies the manner in which the Resource Administration may collect, use, or disclose data related to Resource Users and to information posted by the Resource Users.

1.2. This Privacy Policy describes the order of processing of personal data collected by means of www.solarhaven.com.ng website, solarhaven.com.ngmobile application and associated tools and services, which enable users to log in the Resource, post announcements or review already posted announcements in real-time mode, or use any other solarhaven.com.ng service connected with the above stated. In all mentioned cases the Resource Administration will treat users’ data solely in the scope of applicable legal requirements.

1.3. The User should not exploit the Resource, if he/she does not agree with the provisions of the Privacy Policy, or he/she is under age legally stipulated for the User to be able to make agreements with the Resource Administration, or he/she is not a company’s designated official.

1.4. When logging in the Resource, the user, who enters his/her personal data and/or makes these data available in any other way, and/or commits any other actions within the Resource and/or uses any part of it, is deemed to expressly consent to the terms and provisions of the Privacy Policy. The User provides the Resource Administration with a right to receive, store, process, use and disclose User’s data under this Privacy Policy.

1.5. Using this Resource, and/or mobile application, and/or any other associated tools and services of it, the User authorizes the Resource Administration to process his/her personal data such as user’s name, region of residence, e-mail address, contact phone number, other contact information as per User’s wish, ip-addresses, any other users’ communication data; messages, letters, statements, sent to the User by other users, and conversely, as well as to communicate personal data to the third parties, in any other country, in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the User Agreement in relation to solarhaven.com.ng services.

1.6. The Resource Administration bears no responsibility for receiving, storing, processing, using and disclosing of User’s personal data to the third parties unpossessed or uncontrolled by the Resource Administration, and by individuals not being employees of the Resource Administration, even though the User gained access to their sites, goods and services by means of solarhaven.com.ng site of mailout.

  1. Information, collected, received and posted by the Resource Administration

2.1. When the User creates new account at the Resource, the Resource Administration may require for some information such as a valid e-mail address and password. The account can include such user information as his/her geographical location, last name and surname, phone number and relevant information. Users shall be responsible for all information posted by them in publicly available accounts. The User shall attentively consider all the risks connected with the fact that he/she makes certain information, in particular, address and information about his exact location, publicly available.

2.2. In the scope of the Resource’s activities the Resource Administration may post information, including that of personal or contact nature, needed for transactioning between a buyer and a seller, for sending of messages and users’ communication with each other, or for settlement of payments. All information needed for posting of announcements is required in the course of creation of account. Users shall be responsible for the entire information posted by them to the web site.

2.3. The Resource Administration collects information from computers, telephones of other devices on which you install the Resource or gain access to it, or about these devices depending on the rights which have been granted to you. We may link the collected information to your devices from which we receive it. It contributes to our rendering of services to you consistently on all devices.

  1. Use of personal data

3.1. For the purpose of rendering of its services the Resource Administration can use and post the collected information in order to:

  • ensure servicing of clients, as well as to create and manage users’ accounts, solve technical issues or provide access to various functions;- control common and individual users’ activity such as keyword search, activity connected with posting announcements and transactioning, as well as to operate traffic on the Resource;- connect with our users, including those cases regarding services, clients servicing or permitted marketing communications via any other communication channels available;- perform scientific research and analytical activities for the purpose of improving of our service;- ensure compliance of services of the Resource with the terms and provisions of the user agreement, including protection from deceptions and insults.

3.2. We can provide services, adapt materials and demonstrate recommendations to you using this information in order to realize in which manner you use these services and work with them as well as with people and phenomena you are connected with or interested in within the services we render to you or outside them.

3.3. We can use your information for the purpose of sending marketing offers to you, communicating with you concerning our Services and notifying of our rules and conditions. Moreover, we need it so that to be able to reply to your requests.

3.4. We can use information we possess for checking accounts and activities and for strengthening safety in the scope of our services and outside them as well, for example, for investigation of suspicious actions or the events of infringement of our terms and provisions. We make all efforts for protection of your account. The engineering departments and automated systems contribute to it. For this purpose such modern technologies are used as encrypting and computer-aided learning. We also offer you comfortable tools for extra protection of your account.

  1. Terms of data provision

4.1. We do not provide personal data to the third parties, except for cases provided below. The User being agreed with this Privacy Policy shall authorize the Resource Administration to disclose his/her personal data to the third parties, which render services to the Resource Administration, particularly, but not limited to, in processing payments or delivering parcels. The third parties should use user information only if they are involved in servicing the Resource Administration and only that information, which is necessary for such services.

4.2. Personal data shall be disclosed in the course of the User’s ordering of goods/services at the Resource to the supplier of such goods/services, but only to the extent which is needed for identification of User and of his/her order.

4.3. Personal data may be disclosed without the consent of the User or his/her authorized person only where required by law and only in favor of national security, economic welfare and human rights, inter alia, although not exclusive of:

  • upon reasonable requests of statutory authorities being entitled to claim for and to obtain such data;- in case when the Resource Administration deems the User would infringe this Agreement and/or other contracts and agreements between the Resource Administration and the User.
  1. How can you change/delete this information or unsubscribe

5.1. Users who created an account, or posted announcements to the Resource, may gain access to, adjust or delete information provided by them. The User shall bear responsibility for accuracy of data, or announcements posted by him/her to the Resource.

5.2. The User may disable, or change account credentials through settings of identification provider. Posted information can be changed or deleted on user’s personal account on the Resource web page, via application.

5.3. A letter (information) sent to e-mail address provided by the User shall be deemed as a sufficient notification for the User with regard to removal or any other processing of personal data.

5.4. Data shall be stored for so long how it will be needed for ensuring functioning of products and services, including those described above, in relation you and any other users. Information which is connected with your account shall be stored until it is deleted, before the moment in which we would not need these data more for rendering of products and services.

5.5. You are entitled to delete your account at any time. Together with your account we also delete all materials that you’ve ever posted. If you wish not to delete your account but only to suspend its using, you can deactivate it. Please remember that information related to you, and shared by and between other persons, shall not be considered as a part of your account, therefore, it won’t be deleted together with your account.

  1. Cookie-files

6.1. We can use cookies-files (hereinafter — “cookies”) for storing of certain information about you and tracking you visits to the Resource. Use of cookies is common for Internet sites for the purpose of facilitation of their users’ identification. Cookie is a small volume of data which is sent to your internet browser and stored on your PC’s rigid disk. If you do not block or delete cookies, then in each case you enter on the Resource via the same PC our web servers would be notified about your entering the Resource, and we would receive data on your visit and on the pattern of you’re using the Resource. Generally, we use cookies for your identification and so that we could have a possibility to:

i) provide access to your account without reentering data by you;ii) collect statistics about using of Resource;iii) investigate the patterns of visits and to facilitate guiding of promoting materials based on users’ interests;iv) monitor progress and participation in promotional events.

6.2. You are entitled to specify in which manner and at what time cookies will be accepted by way of setting your internet browser installed on PC, which you use for entering the Resource. You can change such settings at any time, as you wish. After your preferences will have been installed in the internet browser, you will be able to accept all cookies, or you can choose to notify you about cookies being directed to your browser, or you can discard all cookies. When you discard all cookies by having selected an option of blocking of cookies in your browser, it can be possible that you will more often need to reenter your information for getting access to your account, and some services on the Resource will not be available to you.

  1. User’s rights in view of personal data processing

7.1. Users are entitled to:

7.1.1. be aware of location of personal database, which comprise personal data of the Resource users, of its purpose and name, of location of personal data Resource Administration;

7.1.2. receive information about the terms and conditions of providing access to personal data, including information related to the third parties, to which the Resource users’ personal data are made available;

7.1.3. have access to their personal data;

7.1.4. place reasonable demand on the Resource Administration with regard to personal data objecting to personal data processing;

7.1.5. place reasonable demand for change or deletion of personal data by the Resource Administration, if these data are unlawfully treated or are inaccurate;

7.1.6. have protection of personal data from illegal processing and accidental loss, destruction, damage in connection with intentional concealing,

non-submission or untimely submission of them, as well as to have protection from submission of data, which may be unreliable, discredit honor, dignity and business reputation;

7.1.7. file complaints for processing of personal data in statutory authorities and to officials authorized to ensure personal data protection, or file petition to the court;

7.1.8. apply remedies in case of violation of law related to personal data protection;

7.1.9. revoke consent to personal data processing.

  1. Safety measures

8.1. The Resource Administration takes all reasonable safety measures to protect data confidentiality. All data, which we collect, are stored on one or several secure DB servers and cannot be used beyond our corporate network. User information is available only to those employees of the Resource Administration, who need such an access to personal user information for performing their official duties. All employees having access to user information shall sign non-disclosure agreement with regard to non-disclosing user information to the third parties.

  1. Change of Privacy Policy

9.1. All changes of this Privacy Policy shall be reported by means of posting amendments or revised versions of Privacy Policy to the Resource. The reworded Privacy Policy shall be deemed effective immediately after having been posted to the Resource.

9.2. The Resource Administration shall not be responsible for any damages or loss incurred by the User of the third parties due to misunderstanding or lack of understanding of terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, guidelines or instructions regarding procedure of operating the Resource, order of data posting and any other technical issues.

  1. Methods of communication with the Resource Administration in case of arising questions

10.1. Should you have any questions, wishes or complaints related to information provided by you please contact us at the address: